Rhino Rotate Packer

The Rhino Rotate Packer is a cost-effective retrievable casing packer deployed as part of multi-stage stimulation geared towards re-completions. Positioned between two stages in the re-completion, the Rhino Packer creates isolation during stimulation. The number of intervals being stimulated in a well is equal to the number of packers required. Its ultra slim running profile means it is ideal to be ran in through milled out ball seats for recompletions.

The Rhino Rotate Packer provides is run in combination with Rhino Grip Packer, providing the required isolation for the multiple stages.


Benefits and Features

  • Fully retrievable

  • Extreme short design

  • Slim running profile

  • Anti-swabbing design

  • Anti-extrusion barriers on element ensure efficient pack-off

  • Packers can be set simultaneously

  • Rotational unset and release