One of the main specializations of Symoil Group is developing and manufacturing lower completion equipment. When any customer’s challenges and their fields go through all phases such as engineering overview, developing, manufacturing test sample, full cycle of testing, manufacturing final product and then only delivery to client.

Symoil Group supplies the entire product line of lower completion, starting from all types of liner hangers, cemented and non-cemented, with option to rotate during cementing operation, and hydraulic release from running tool. All types of openhole packers, includes option with 15K psi rubber elements. Wide range of fracture sleeves start from standard ball drop sleeves and finished with sliding sleeves and closable filters, with possibility to use marker technologies.

For operating frac sleeves and filters, Symoil Group can offer different solutions in shifting tools which can be run by CT or tubing. Including options to assemble with different additional components such as a sand jet perforator, collar locator, downhole memory gauges and equalization valve. Shifting tools for monobore wells and even when the ID is not the same, an expandable shifting tool can be proposed.