"Raptor" Series Stimulation Sleeve

The Symoil "Raptor" Series Stimulation Sleeve is delivering superior efficiency, maximizes stimulation treatment, cost reduced and optimized well completion.

The Raptor Series Sleeves are run in well as part of liner and spaced out to get high accuracy on planning the fracturing job.

The Sleeves can be utilized for both Cemented and Non-Cemented applications

Benefits and Features

  • Stimulate stages in any desired order

  • Prevent proppant inflow after a frac while formation pressure stabilizes

  • Selectively shut off water production, unwanted gas production, and thief zones

  • Selectively re-stimulate under-performing zones while securing the wellbore above

  • Full-drift design permits conventional cementing and provides a production-ready wellbore after stimulation

  • Designed to match the specifications of the host casing string

  • Can be installed in any order

  • Operated with the Symoil shifting tool (high-expansion options available