Hydro-Mechanical Packers

The Symoil Hydromechanical open hole packer is used for isolation of productive formations in horizontal open hole wellbore during completion with consequent multistage fracturing. The number of packers in liner assembly depends on the number of intervals planned. Hydromechanical open hole packer isolates stimulation zones effectively and withstands differential pressure up to 15K Psi at formation temperature up to 205 ºC.

Hydromechanical open hole packer is designed to be run in hole as part of non-cemented liner.

The packer is elegantly simple, yet robust, rugged and effective. The entire tool can be picked up and threaded on location with no requirement of pup joints or lifting subs. The torque rating of the tool allows for torque through rig operations when making up connections. Employing a simple, differentially activated piston, the element sets and maintains the set force with a fine tooth ratchet mechanism. 

The piston is long enough to ensure no risk of over-setting the element which traditionally has lead to leaky liner from piston over-extension. A metal split ring maintains the position of the bottom gauge ring ensuring any forces on the gauge ring running in hole are easily accommodated

Hydro-Mech Packer 2.png