OCTG Supply Services

Symoil provides the worlds most modern Tubulars for Oil- and Gasfield Products, ranging from for Seamless Tubes in Stainless Steel and Nickel Alloy Grades, for Extended Surface Tubes and Tubing Products and Accessories. 

For the last 25 years, the use of 13Cr seamless steel pipes has been the most cost-effective solution to protect against sweet wet CO2 corrosion.

Symoil is specialized in supplying 13 Chr tubing for CO2 applications

The presence of corrosive species such as CO2, H2S, organic acids, O2 and chlorides has a pronounced effect on corrosion in producing wells. Carbon dioxide is almost always present and its effect on corrosion is primarily by decreasing the pH of the water phase. Carbon dioxide instigates general corrosion, localized corrosion or formation of hard iron carbonate scales.

With its main trading-hub in the Netherlands, Symoil has worldwide connection distribution network. Symoil supplies reliable high-quality piping and tubular products and accessories.