Liner Hanger for Openhole Completions

The retrievable Liner Top Packer is suitable for a wide variety of through tubing applications. Designed for operation in conventional, extreme, high pressure and thermal environments up to 250 C, the tool has been engineered for the most extreme deviated and undulated vertical and horizontal well applications.

Our proprietary design offers full 360° tubing contact with ‘state of the art’ durability, pressure maintenance and hanging/compression capacity. Our unique dual collet slip design offers bi-directional pressure and force maintenance while a one piece inner mandrel provides upper and inner bore sealing, eliminating the need for PBR or setting sleeve integral seals when used with our Tie Back Nipple.

Designed with simple operation in mind, zero set down weight is required for setting, while a single downward movement engages the soft release allowing slips and seal mechanisms to release for easy extraction out of the well.




  • Completely retrievable

  • Adaptable to Primary or Thermal Seals

  • Primary Seal rated to 10,000 Psi.

  • Thermal Seal rated to 600 F at 2,500 Psi.

  • Simple, short design makes hole deviation not a concern.

  • Ratchet rings maintain seal stress as well as positive slip setting force

  • Field adjustable shear setting

  • Unique and very strong Collet type slips w/ retainers for secure run in

  • Optional Internal PBR and One-Piece Mandrel

  • Drill in ready, capable of rotating liners into place when required

  • Can be installed bellow restriction (nipples)

    • Most special clearances and ID combinations available on request

  • One piece mandrel increases strength and pressure integrity

  • Engineered for conventional, hazardous or thermal applications

  • Soft set option with secondary shear release

  • Can be installed and retrieved by wireline, coiled tubing or jointed pipe