Raptor Series Screen Sleeve

The Symoil "Raptor" Series Screen Sleeve offers the perfect solution for formations which required to be fractured and result in problems during producing through conventional sleeves:

  • Unconsolidated oil/gas sand formations

  • Sand or other particle producing formations

The type of screen which will be installed on the sleeve is up to client specifications. Symoil offers two options types: Screen filter or Wire-wrapped screens.  As an additional option tracer can be installed to monitor production per zone.

The sleeves can be equipped with custom number and sizes orifices to regulate the inflow

Benefits and Features

  • Filter Sleeves are fully compatible with Symoil Fracturing systems.

  • Possibility to close every sleeve during any time during production operation

  • All Screens can be opened in single trip

  • Designed to match the specifications of the host casing string

  • Can be opened for production in any order

  • Compatible with most type of filters, depending on the requirement from customer

  • Operated with the Symoil shifting tool (high-expansion options available)

filter sleeve formation.png