Supply of Fracturing Plugs and Setting Tools

Accelerate time-to-production with advanced plug-and-perf support that includes turnkey engineering of the completion string, specification of all system components, provision of quality tools and hands-on performance of all plug-and-perf activities.


Symoil Group provides full range of plugs for all possible applications where customer may require. Field proved composite and dissolvable plugs, cost effective big bore plugs, which are not required mill out or waiting for plugs dissolving.


Engineering and Support is not restricted by supplying only high-quality plugs, but also the “game changer” electronic setting tool, which can be run on CT, tubing, e-line and even on slickline. No limits on availability of running equipment. P&P techniques will be done when it required via the most cost-effective way.


Symoil has a wide array of high-end fracturing plugs available form stock at its service locations..​

The following Plugs have been successfully introduced the following plugs in CIS Countries.


Current available plugs are:


Current Available Setting tools are: 


setting toll + plugs22 3.png