What is more critical when you select upper completion equipment, especially on gas HP/HT wells?


Reliability, quality and simplicity in using!


Symoil Group develops and continuously improves wide range of upper completion equipment which help clients achieve their goals.


Full range of upper completion equipment, starting from standard nipples and permanent isolation packers, to more critical items such as 15K retrievable fracturing packers, tubing retrievable and wireline retrievable safety valves and gauge carrier mandrel including downhole gauges.


Each product is manufactured according to API and ISO standards.


For standardised products, Symoil utilizes its network of suppliers for supplying complete upper completions.

These completions consist of

  • Production packers

  • Latching tools

  • Injection Valves

  • Gas lift mandrels

  • Sliding side-doors

  • Subsurface safety valves

  • Optic-fibre gauges