Liner Hanger for Cemented Completions

Our High-Torque Cementable Liner Hanger is suitable for the most demanding wellbore conditions. Designed for operation in conventional, extreme, high pressure and thermal environments up to 250 C, the Liner Hanger has been engineered for the most extreme deviated and undulated vertical and horizontal well applications.



“HTCLH” is an integral Liner Hanger with hydraulic-set slips and compression set packer. The Hanger system consists of Liner Hanger, Polish Bore Receptacle and Top Packer. The hydraulic running tool has a secondary mechanical release to ensure that the liner setting tool is always released in case of hydraulic release failure. Mechanical weight activated Top Packer seals off the annulus between casing and Hanger mandrel. HTCLH allows to rotate liner during cementing operation and improve cement integrity.



  • Possible transfer high torque from Running tool to Liner while runing in hole.

  • Can be rotated during running and after the slips have engaged for cementing operations to improve cement integrity.

  • Robust torque ring clutch allows for liner rotation, push, and pull during deployment

  • One-piece high-strength mandrel

  • High quality Packer element.

  • Hydraulic release running tool.

  • Secondary mechanical release.

  • High load capacity.

  • Optional Ball-seat isolated inside running tool assembly.

  • Large flow area.

  • Fully compatible with Symoil Multi-stage frac system

  • Standard thread with OTTM/BTC. Premium threads options available