Engineering Services

Symoil provides CT Engineering, Chemical and field development services.

Downhole Tools

Symoil supplies its own specialized downhole tools.


Selective Sleeve Shifting tools:

  • Hydraulic Sleeve Shifting

  • High-expansion Shifting


All versions are designed to activate when pumping and release when stop/reduce flow-rate. These tools are designed to only activate when engaged in profile and release if the sleeve is shifted. This disengagement will give a confirmation the sleeve has shifted.

These tools are designed to be run in proppant environments.

Additionally, Symoil can supply a wide array of Coiled tubing and Work-over tools including Straddle Assembly for Re-stimulation of individual zones whether a proppant frac or acid stimulation is required.


Symoil also offers an Oscillating stimulator tool to enhance the effect of the chemical treatment.